It Doesn't Matter How Far You've Come
This Is Your Home as Well!

Pi Campus is both a startup district and a venture fund that invests in talent. We provide startups with money, mentoring, and the best possible working environment for them to grow. We started off in the basement of a single luxury residential villa where two companies were based: Translated, the first internet-based translation service, and Memopal, a backup technology provider used by storage manufacturers, telcos, and anti-viruses services. We shared working and living spaces with some other startups there. In 2013, Memopal moved to a nearby villa, where they reserved desk space for new startups to join them. We have now become dozens of startups spread over several villas.

The Perfect Spot

We wanted a place that could bring out the best of our talents. We superimposed maps showing levels of noise and pollution and the distances from trains, airports, and highways on Google Maps to find the perfect spot. Our offices offer the perfect balance between networking and quiet rooms where citizens can concentrate and carry on with their work.

Technology and Creativity

We admire Silicon Valley’s culture and talent-centric working environment, but our point of reference is Adriano Olivetti, who first brought design and quality into technology. At Pi Campus we expose our citizens to lots of diverse and enriching experiences to stimulate their creativity and allow them to become better people, and consequently, better workers.

A few Pi Numbers

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