Meet growing startups and challenge talented coders!

About the challenge

Learn, code, and have fun!

Pi Day Coding Competition is a challenge organized every year by the growing startups funded by Pi Campus, an Italian VC investing in deep tech companies in EU and US. It’s how we celebrate the beautiful irrationality of π and meet new talent.

The competition usually takes place during a party inside one of our 7 luxury villas converted in offices for startups. That’s because we firmly believe in beauty and networking. Going online is not ideal, but we can’t let the virus slow down our startups’ growth.



Each member of the winning team will be rewarded with a Bose 700 NC headphone, unquestionably the best noise cancelling headphones for the office.

companies at pi campus
looking for coders

companies at pi
looking for devs

They love talented people, better if Front End, Back End, Full Stack, Dev Ops, Mobile Developers and AI Researchers.

Come to Code With Us!

Come to Code
With Us!

Learn something new, meet like-minded coders, and have fun!

Event Agenda

6:00 PM


6:10 PM

Chats with Pi Campus startups tech leaders

6:30 PM

talk: how allelica trained a combined model

6:50 PM

coding competition: #1 challenge

7:50 PM

talk: how askdata reinvented Dataviz

8:10 PM

coding competition: #2 challenge

9:10 PM

Chats with Pi Campus startups tech leaders​

9:40 PM



learn new hacks form our startups!


learn new hacks
form our startups!

Paolo Di Domenico
Allelica CTO

Training a Combined Model

How you can use models trained on existing data to train a new model that will provide similar predictions on a new kind of dataset.

Reinventing Dataviz

Dataviz + Artificial Intelligence: How modern AI techniques can streamline data-visualization to make it cognitive friendly, collaborative, and productive.

Davide di Somma
Askdata CEO

dev chats

talking about startups technologies

Nothing Ever Happens

Unveiling and commenting the amazing things happened in the last few months in our network, with an eye open on how the tech ecosystem is evolving.
Marco Trombetti
Pi Campus and Translated CEO

Testing with 600 cores

Accelerating product development processes. How InSilicoTrials moved biomedical and pharmaceutical experiments into the cloud to make them available in real-time.
Alberto Palazzin
Tech Lead @ InsilicoTrials

Adaptive Neural Networks

Neural networks are based on a rigorous two-step process: training and then service. What if we could subvert this paradigm and create a better, adaptive, type of neural model?
Davide Caroselli
ModernMT VP

Coding in IOT

Giorgio will talk about Filo experience in the IoT universe, sharing his lessons learned in programming at different levels, from firmware to mobile app.
Giorgio Sadolfo
Filo CEO

Our Host

Luca is the former CTO of Wanderio, author of, a weekly newsletter full of practical advice about product and engineering leadership.
Luca Rossi
Translated Head of Engineering

Come to Code With Us!

Come to Code
With Us!

Learn something new, meet like-minded coders, and have fun!

Pi Campus

Pi Campus is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in deep tech and AI startups. We love founders who take on big slow moving industries with state-of-the-art technologies.

Pi Day Coding Competition is usually a hackparty that takes place at Pi Campus, where we converted 7 luxury villas in fully equipped workplaces. Due to COVID-19, this year event will be online.

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