Fireside Chat with Carlo Gualandri

Lessons learned by starting up companies in markets where the digital revolution is disrupting the status quo

Carlo Gualandri is one of the men who most contributed to building up the Italian Internet market. He founded innovative companies that have broken new ground in the world of media (Matrix, sold to SEAT PG), banking (Fineco, now a listed company controlled by Unicredit Group), and gaming (Gioco Digitale, sold to BWIN), and he recently takes on the financial market with Soldo, a startup that raised $11 million in 2017 in a Series A funding led by Accel (investor of companies like Facebook, Dropbox, and Spotify).

He was our guest during a PiNetworking in May 2018. Journalist Eugenio Cau from Il Foglio interviewed Carlo asking him what he learned during his journey in founding a few startups in markets disrupted by the digital revolution so that our young founders could learn something in advance about the businesses they are running.