Pi Day
Coding Competition

19 / 3 / 2015 – h.19,00 – 23,00



16 top coders

Participants will be selected from our dev network. They will have to code under pressure and contingencies.

4 hacks

Coders will be required to solve 4 problems. Text processing of around 10MB of data provided.



A Desk at Pi Campus

Full access to Pi Campus to work on personal projects for 1 year



Alienware 13″ Laptop

The most powerful geek computer





Coders will take part in a knockout competition. In each round, coders will have to write a hack to solve a specific part of a bigger problem.  Each round lasts for 20 minutes.


Coders may use the programming language they prefer. Coders must to bring their own laptop, whose screen will be mirrored for the attendees to follow the competition. Internet connection will be provided.


Coders will receive the problem 5 minutes prior to placing their hands on the keyboard. They will have five minutes to discuss the problem with anyone they want. (Experts may be invited!

Not only do they have to solve the problems: a special jury will declare who solved the given problem in the smartest way.

Hacks solved

  1. Extract and organize information from a set of Wikipedia pages about diseases (provided)
  2. Upload datas extracted in step #1 into a graph database
  3. Query the database to identify diseases with similar symptoms and different diseases with the same symptoms
  4. Present data from #3 in a good looking and usable format


davide caroselli

Davide Caroselli

The Jury

Alberto Massidda

Alberto Massidda

Infrastructure Manager & Pi Evangelist

Francesco Furiani

Francesco Furiani

CTO at Clickmeter

Antonio Farina

Antonio Farina

Director of Engineering at Translated

Luca Garulli

Luca Garulli

CEO Orient Technologies

Gianluca Granero

Gianluca Granero

Co-founder Pi Campus & CTO at Memopal

Luca Rossi

Luca Rossi

CTO at Wanderio

Flavio Antonioli

Flavio Antonioli

CEO at n-Track

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