Welcome to Vena Vitals, a startup that has reinvented how blood pressure is monitored

Pi Campus has just closed an investment in Vena Vitals, a YC recently graduated startup that has developed the first real-time non-invasive tool to continuously monitor blood pressure. The technology developed by the startup allows for measurements of continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure, this way providing a comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular health.

Vena Vitals developed a sticker that contains soft stretchable sensors that can conform to the body and accurately measure the arterial pulse. The stickers can be applied directly on the skin, canceling the necessity to piece it with a needle or wrap a sphygmomanometer around your arm, while providing the same clinical accuracy and at a fraction of the cost.

The company has been founded by Ray Liu and Josh Kim, two health tech scientists with multiple past startups and exits, and who have built products that have scaled to over 2 million users.

Vena Vitals’ team has already proved that their stickers work in operating rooms and are as accurate as the best tools doctors have today. The goal of the startup is to bring its sticker not only to hospitals, but also to expand in the consumers’ market to provide people with an easy-to-use tool for blood pressure monitoring at home.

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