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We Invest in AI-applied Startups Worldwide
and in Italian Excellence







We Are a Seed Fund That Invests in AI Startups, Offering the Best Work Environment

We love the Italian excellence, like food, lifestyle, and fashion

Beautiful Buildings

We converted five luxury residential villas into functional offices. At Pi Campus there are 30 square meters of green space per worker, with plants from all over the world. We respect the environment and take care of it.

Strategic Location

Our offices are located in the green surroundings of the EUR district in Rome, Italy, close to a lake. We selected the location by superimposing different layers in Google Maps: low noise and pollution, easy parking, a 5 min walk to public transport, a 5 min drive to highways and 20 min to airports.

A Place Like Home

We are makers who love design and style. We have up to 4 screens on our desks, Tolomeo lamps, and Herman Miller chairs. We provide whatever we need to help free up talents, such as a gym, massages, fitness trainers, spinning classes, and unrestricted kitchen access.

Challenging and Fun

We love challenges; everybody can be involved in a new one every day. The think-big atmosphere raises the bar and the failure-friendly environment means you are happy to take risks. Lots of us spend spare time on underground projects at our offices, which are always open.

We Invest in Growing Startups and Provide Work Space and Mentorship

Current and Former Companies

Great startups and companies team up at Pi Campus to offer to you the best possible international work environment in the most beautiful city: Rome, Italy.

Our Network Is Made up of Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives

The Next Digits of Pi

Announcing The New Prince – Why and How to Startup

Announcing The New Prince – Why and How to Startup

We are extremely pleased to celebrate the launch of our CEO Marco Trombetti’s first book The New Prince – Why and how to startup. It’s a collection of 12 short essays on the counterintuitive reasons and strategies that led to success the new generations of entrepreneurs.

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Pi Tech with Silvia Chiappa

Pi Tech with Silvia Chiappa

Today, AI systems and products are becoming widespread in many aspects of everyday life, from insurance to policing and online platforms. Can we ensure that an algorithm is fair to everyone? While fairness has now become an essential concept in machine learning, its adoption still requires a fundamental shift in how we view and perceive intelligent systems. Join us to discuss this topic with Silvia Chiappa, Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind.

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