Here you can find all the open positions among our startups and companies

Position at Translated

In Rome (Italy)

Position at Bagbnb

In Rome (Italy)

Position at N-track

In Rome (Italy)

Position at Yocabé

In Rome (Italy)

Position at MIOAssicuratore

In Rome (Italy)

Position at Clickmeter

In Rome (Italy), Dublin (Ireland) and San Francisco (Ca, United States)

Position at Cambridge Cancer Genomics

Position open at lvl5

In San Francisco (CA, United States)

In Moscow (Russia)

Position open at Boom

In Denver (Co, United States)

Position open at Kiwi Campus

In Bogota (Colombia)

Position open at Sixfold

In London (UK)

Position open at Kiwi Campus

In San Francisco (California)


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