The Campus

We Host Startups
in Luxury Villas

That’s because we’re Italians (and villas in Rome cost as much as garages in San Francisco 🙂 )

The Best Possible Working Environment

We wanted a place that could bring out the best in our talents, so we converted 7 luxury villas into functional offices. Here we offer the perfect balance between networking and quiet rooms where people can concentrate and work.

Enriching Experiences

We regularly expose our guests to experiences that stimulate creativity and allow them to become better people and workers. Additionally, we organize monthly networking events with successful entrepreneurs, investors, and creatives.

A Long Story Short

Pi Campus was founded in 2007 by Marco Trombetti, Isabelle Andrieu, and Gianluca Granero with profits from their previous companies.

We started in the basement of a single luxury residential villa where two companies were based: Translated, one of the first internet-based translation services, and Memopal, a backup technology provider used by storage manufacturers, telcos, and antivirus companies. Here we shared our offices with some startups.

Instead of leaving the villa after the free six months of desk space included in our deal, startups started asking to pay rent and stay. We are now dozens of startups in a few villas, and things keep growing.

At Pi Campus, you can now find early-stage startups near well-established companies, with each benefiting the other.

Life at Pi

We strongly believe that well-being and comfort help us create great products

Networking Events
Every few months, we organize networking events with speakers coming from all around the world to inspire our community.
AI and Design Meetups
We regularly organize meetups with AI and design entrepreneurs and researchers who share lessons learned with our network.
Coding Competitions
Two times per year, we run coding competitions during a special party to meet smart developers.
We have a gym equipped with a treadmill, exercise bike, fitness bench, and more. Once a week, a personal trainer is available to help people plan their workouts.
Spinning and TRX Classes
We have spinning and TRX classes with a professional trainer who helps citizens get the most out of their workout. We run those classes in our gardens or indoors.
Pool & Sauna
Our big pool is open during non-working hours for people who work in the companies hosted at Pi. We also have a Sauna for those who need more relaxation.
Dressing Rooms and Showers
We have showers and lockers in every villa for those who want to work out at lunchtime or after work.
Fully Equipped Kitchens
We provide our offices with fully equipped kitchens where you can cook, have lunch, or enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks.
Free Massages
Among the other facilities, we have free massages once per week to help our guests relax.

We are innovators, investors and creatives who believe in diversity

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