Here you can find some essays about the counterintuitive reasons and strategies that led to success the new generations of entrepreneurs. They have been written by our founder Marco Trombetti and are included in the book The New Prince – Why and how to startup. They are straight to the point, without claiming to please everyone with half-truths.

  • Motivation – Where to find the motivation you need
  • Luck – How to be a lucky entrepreneur
  • Happiness – About a company mission
  • Pitch – How to pitch your startup to an investor
  • Diversity – Why you should invest in your diversity
  • Future – How to identify, surf and anticipate growing macro trends
  • Where – Why to startup where you already are
  • Make – How to go through a product market fit process
  • Engineers – How to motivate engineers and make them more productive
  • Decisions – About the why of every choice you will take
  • Money – How investors think
  • Love – Why you should think about those who come after you

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