We strongly believe that well-being and comfort help us create great things

All Pi Campus villas have large, high-quality desks with lamps and chairs designed with comfort in mind. Each villa features kitchens and a living room where citizens meet and share ideas. Throughout the campus, we provide the following facilities:

Flexible Hours

Our offices are always open. Come and go as you wish.

Thinking Room

We plan today’s tasks at our desk and monthly ones during meetings. When we need to work on a long-term vision, we have a secret room where we can relax and shape the future.

Networking Events

Four times a year we organize networking events with speakers from all around the world to inspire us and our wider community.

Community Events

Every month we have a private networking event for our citizens and a few friends. These events are focused on sharing diverse and enriching experiences to stimulate our creativity.


We have a gym equipped with a treadmill, exercise bike, fitness bench, and more. Once a week a personal trainer is also available to help citizens plan their workouts.

Dressing Rooms & Showers

Each building has showers and lockers so that every citizen can come to the office by bike or work out in the park at lunch time or after work.

Free Massages

Twice a week you can get a free massage. This is quite helpful for those who spend most of their day at a desk.


Spinning Classes

Twice a week we have a spinning class with a trainer who helps citizens get the most out of their workout.


Every week a professional trainer organizes free TRX lessons: an activity that helps increase cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular endurance with aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Punching Bag

This is experimental; boxing is a sport that helps you burn lots of toxins. Sometimes, when things go wrong at work, you can release stress by punching a bag.

Fully Equipped Kitchens

All Pi Campus buildings are provided with a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook if you like, heat your lunch, or simply enjoy free snacks and drinks.

Quality Food

We have agreements with the best local restaurants within walking distance and with the best food delivery services in the city.



All of our companies and startups offers their workers bonuses, such as a 4% salary increase for quitting smoking, coming to work by bicycle, or adopting a child.

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