FOUNDERS MEETUPTuesday February 18th, 2020 / 12 PM / Pi 6 (via Indonesia 23, Rome)


How branding can help you get customers, talent and investors to buy into your venture.

Find the Key to a Powerful Brand
in Your Startup DNA

Startups have more to gain from branding than any other type of business. And there is a brand hidden inside almost every startup idea – yet very few are able to find it, or realize it. In this seminar, we will share insights and know-how to help you understand how your unique DNA can reinforce your business idea and accelerate your success.

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See why branding is more important for startups than any other kind of business

Discover how to recognize the unique brand that is hidden inside your startup story

Find out how branding can help you get customers, talent and investors to buy into your venture

Learn How to Discover and Grow Your Brand


Simon Coe

Brand Strategist

He’s spent more than two decades helping international companies to realise their brand potential. He has worked with founders, CEOs and marketing teams to evolve their strategies. And he’s collaborated with agencies large and small to execute them. In London, Simon Coe was born into the world of advertising. In Gothenburg he studied brand management. And in Rome, he is learning the art of improvisation. Today, he draws on all of this experience to help young brands find their way in the global marketplace.

Matteo Modena

Brand Designer

The CEO of We Meet Brands is a Professor of Design Methodology, so you should listen to him. Matteo Modena believes that in a time of data and technology, brands need to be crystal clear on what they stand for and why they should matter. As Brand Designer at Leo Burnett, he helped companies and organisations to reimagine their brand experience, prompting new patterns of behaviour from their target audiences. Now, together with his team at WMB, he helps all sorts of brands to sharpen both their purpose and the way they are perceived.

Start Looking for Your Startup Brand!

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