Founders Meetup

 With Andrew Kouri, LVL5 Founder and CEO

Driving an Autonomous Future

This event is reserved to Pi Campus’ startups founders and their guests.
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From starting up to selling your company

At Pi Campus we usually organize meetups to encourage lessons learned sharing among the founders of the startup we invested in. Sometimes we open up those events to a restricted numbers of founders we know or who were recommended to us by other founders or investors.

On Friday, June 28th we organize a founders meetup with Andrew Kouri, former developer of the Tesla autopilot, who left Elon Musk’s company to found lvl5, a company focusing on deep learning, computer vision, and maps for autonomous vehicles. lvl5 was backed by Y Combinator, and we invested in the startup during the W17 Demo Day. Andrew and his co-founders recently agreed to be acquired.

During the meetup, Andrew will talk about the process of starting a company, working with cofounders, and eventually making the decision to sell a company.

Our Guest

Andrew Kouri

After graduating from the University of Virginia, Andrew started his career as a software engineer on the Autopilot team at Tesla Motors. He worked on Advanced Driver Assist and safety features, and later on full autonomy. In 2016 he left Tesla and co-founded lvl5 to develop computer vision and mapping software for self-driving cars. Andrew is a well-rounded software engineer with mechatronics experience in embedded systems all the way up the stack.

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These events are reserved to Pi Campus founders and our guests. If you were not invited, you can request an invite here. Be aware that requesting an invitation does not guarantee an invitation from us.