Founders Meetup

 With Salvo Giammarresi, Paypal Head of Global Content & Technology

Going Global

This event is reserved to Pi Campus’ startups founders and their guests.
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Salvo Giammarresi, Paypal Head of Global Content & Technology, will describe the aspects that a wannabe global startup needs to take into consideration to become a global company. He will address various topics and, in particular, those related to technology, design, marketing, and business. He will even share with us his experience in the California’s tech ecosystem.

Our Guest

Salvo Giammarresi

Dynamic Program Management and Globalization management expert with extensive global product experience. Successfully strategized, setup, planned, executed and managed global products and projects of all sizes. Proficient in driving global product requirements across multiple groups balancing customer and business needs taking into account technical/human resources. Experience with vendor management, streamlining globalization processes, tracking and reporting on reducing time to market, increasing quality and reducing costs. Delighted to work with multicultural and global teams. Metrics and ROI driven.

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