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 With Alessandro Fusacchia

What Happens When We Let Go Everything Important We Thought We Had?

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“We are losing our roots,” Massimo announced holding the fork in hand. “And don’t tell me that it always happened this way, that Italians emigrated in millions during the 19th century or after the war. This time is different. We don’t emigrate; we’re just constantly moving. We move to a city for two years, then to another city for three years, and for six months after that. We don’t even have the time to get accustomed. We’re losing our roots, but without being able to put down new ones”.

In his book I solitari, author and politician Alessandro Fusacchia explores the challenges and the problems the new generation of talents is facing and analyzes the crisis and transformation our society is experiencing. Alessandro is a former advisor on youth and innovation to the Italian Minister of Economic Development, and was the coordinator of the task force that wrote the report leading to the first legislation on startups in Italy,

The first part of the novel takes place in the EUR zone in Rome, where Pi Campus is located, and starts on the Sunday of the 2009 European elections. Exactly ten years later, we are hosting a conversation with the writer, who talks directly to the young people who work in the startups we fund.

Please, note that this event’s talk will be in Italian

Our Guest

Alessandro Fusacchia

Alessandro Fusacchia is an Italian Member of Parliament, secretary of Movimenta and a novelist. He is currently serving in the Chamber of Deputies as a member of the permanent commission on Culture, Science and Education and as the promoter of the parliamentary intergroup on Artificial Intelligence. He has previously served as Head of Cabinet at the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). He was Special Advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Economic Diplomacy (May 2013-February 2014) and Special Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development for European Affairs, Youth and Innovation (March 2012 – April 2013).

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