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 With Vito Lomele, investor and former Jobrapido founder

Problems to tackle when a business starts growing

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Join us to discuss problems to tackle and best practices to follow when a business starts growing, and how to manage deals with investors and buyers. Jobrapido founder and former CEO Vito Lomele will tell us about his previous experiences as an entrepreneur and investor to help startups avoid the same problems, and benefit from his experience.

During the event, we will present the AI project led by Roma Tre University Professor Paolo Merialdo to digitalize and extracting data from the Archivium Secretum Vaticanum, the secret archives of the Popes.

Our Guest

Vito Lomele

Vito Lomele is the former founder and CEO of Jobrapido.com, a search engine for job listings, born in Milan in 2006 and grown up to be in 58 countries between Europe and the rest of the world. He’s now an angel investor, co-founder and chairman of FiscoZen and seat in the board of ProntoPro.

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