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Pirates Hackathon

This event is reserved to Pi Campus’ startups founders and their guests.
Sometimes we open up those meetups to new friends. You can request an invitation below.

Turn design ideas into ventures and come to Pi Campus to start them up

Companies like Instagram, Airbnb, Github, Youtube and Android are co-founded by designers. The new way of thinking in tech companies is design driven and designers are the new pirates of the startup landscape.

A pirate stays creative and focused in a hostile environment.
A pirate can act independently and take intelligent risks within the scope of a greater vision.
A pirate mind is fully committed to one idea: treasure.

Are you a pirate?

We challenge you to create a startup founded on a design idea in one day and present it to a panel of investors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

On October, 15th, we are organizing a unique hackathon for designers and engineers with the aim to transform a design idea into a startup. The event is co-hosted with the Art Directors Clubs of Europe and it will take place inside the ADCE annual festival.

The winner team will be hosted at Pi Campus for a week to develop the MVP of their product and will have the chance to get an investment. If you want to take part in the competition, apply now.


Bring your ideas and team up in Barcelona with other creatives, engineers, and entrepreneurs: you have the opportunity to come to Rome for a week and develop your business idea together with your team at Pi Campus.

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