Pi Workshop   with Nois3

Usability Testing Night

12 September, 2019 / 6:30 PM / Pi 6 (via Indonesia 23)

Workshop program

Understanding How to Test
Real Products Usability

When a product (or a service) is in its execution phase, there’s no way you can make it successful without a thorough testing process.
While designing, product testings seeks to ensure customers satisfaction, it is vital to understand what the product will do for them in order to obtain the best value.

And this is what we are after with usability testing: a piece of software, or manufactured object, can turn as horrible experience for customers, that’s why we have to understand the degree to which a (digital) product can be used by specified consumers to achieve quantified objectives with effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction in a certain context of use.
The Usability Night is proudly organized with the support of Nois3, an Experience Design Agency that listens to human needs to design meaningful and enjoyable experiences for a better future. The folks at Nois3 care about people and that’s why usability testing is their not-so-secret weapon. They have been organizing and promoting “The World Usability Day Rome” since 2014 with the aim to raise awareness and spread good practices of human centered design.


We will test a ready-to launch product to improve it with real users behavior.

Real Users'
Experience on Products

We'll be testing an existing product to understand who to leverage it

a Usability

We will review the usability test preparation process to understand how to build a usability test session and improve your products.

Usability test organizers

Our Guests

Imke Bähr

Nois3 Co-Founder & Head of research

Carlo Frinolli

Nois3 Co-Founder & Head of Design

Genni Piccirilli

Nois3 UX Designer


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