Technology Meets Design: Announcing Pirates Hackathon

Technology is becoming a commodity and the new future products will be made of emotions. We now have a great opportunity to define how art, design, and lifestyle will power upcoming technologies. The new way of thinking in tech companies is design driven and designers are the new pirates of the startup landscape.

Design is a question of substance, not just form. It’s a tool a company uses through its products, graphics, and architecture to convey an image that is not just simply appearance but a tangible reflection of a way of being and operating. – ADRIANO OLIVETTI

A pirate stays creative and focused in a hostile environment.

A pirate can act independently and take intelligent risks within the scope of a greater vision.

A pirate mind is fully committed to one idea: treasure

It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the Navy. – STEVE JOBS

Design Meets Technology

Can you spot Salvador Dalì and Albert Einstein in the picture above? This is the cover image of the European Creativity Festival, organized by the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) fromOctober 13th to October 15th in Barcelona. The festival’s motto is “The Hybridscape. Where unexpected connections are made.” Our founder Marco Trombetti will be speaking at the event about the role of design in the upcoming technology products and discussing the topic with Aral Balkan, founder and leading designer of, a U.K. based social enterprise that creates independent technologies.

Are You a Pirate?

On October 15th we’ll be hosting a special hackathon  with designers and engineers at the Elisava school in Barcelona, one of the most important schools in Europe,  and a pioneer in studies of design and engineering. The hackathon is open to all European Creativity Festival attendees, but seats are limited.

We challenge you to develop an original startup idea in one day and present it to a panel of investors, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Come to Barcelona, team up with other creatives, engineers, and entrepreneurs and turn your design ideas into a business venture. You will have the opportunity to come to Rome for one week and develop your business idea together with your team at Pi Campus. And even to get an investment, since we plan to invest one million euros in startups co-founded by designers.

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