Announcing The New Prince – Why and How to Startup

We are extremely pleased to celebrate the launch of our CEO Marco Trombetti’s first book The New Prince – Why and how to startup. It’s a collection of 12 short essays on the counterintuitive reasons and strategies that have led to success the new generations of entrepreneurs.

The book covers the most important lessons learned by Marco both as an entrepreneur and an investor. It even gathers some practical advice on how to launch a startup, like how to pitch your ideas to cofounders, employee and investors; identifying, surfing and anticipating growing macro trends; and taking the best decision when the destiny of your startup depends on your choice.

Every essay is concise (about 4 minutes reading), designed to share the benefit of experience, and straight to the point. Marco wrote the book as he would have wanted to read it when he was a young entrepreneur, and without claiming to please everyone with half-truths.

The book is a give back to the community and is dedicated to young entrepreneurs, especially those who find themselves far from the major hubs of innovation. «I do so – Marco says – in the hope of encouraging them to do great things that contribute to improving their communities and our little planet».

You can read it online at or, even better, buy a copy on Amazon. All the profits from the book, translated into the 12 most widely used languages, will be devolved to Unicef, that protects the future, our kids, and to Translators Without Borders, a non-profit that helps people understand each other wherever they are.

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