How to optimize content creation according to customer acquisition

Creative content is an art. You can’t simply assume that, by publishing a post, you will automatically generate traffic and sales. The content needs to be relevant and convincing that the product or products are something your readers not only need but should purchase from you. But not every post will accomplish this and, as a result, will require you to understand which posts, content or creative is the most successful in driving traffic and sales. ClickMeter, a leading startup in Pi Campus with strong organic growth, found the easiest way to optimize content creation according to customer acquisition: a WordPress plugin that measure how many visits, conversions and value every single post produced for the company.

Davide De Guz started ClickMeter as an analytics platform which collects and processes Internet marketing data from any URL link. This is completed through a tool that shortens the tracking link. All the data a content marketer needs can be collected by simply installing the ClickMeter plugin on its website.

Eat your own dog food

testing content marketing strategy dashboard

Before releasing its own plugin, ClickMeter extensively tested it on their website. The startup team produced 50 articles on Internet marketing, posted them on their blog and measured the results for a week. Here is the data from three posts that generated the most traffic:

  • Post A: 8,000 unique visits, 21 new free users generated
  • Post B: 3,300 unique visits, 84 new free users plus 4 paying customers generated.
  • Post C: 230 unique visits, 3 new free users plus 13 new paying customers generated.

“Some posts that were read a lot, had converted very little — explained Davide — We realized that the call to action was not strong enough, because what we were talking about was not directly connected to what we sell. So we realized that the content we generate can be even less interesting, but should be more related to our product. With these changes, we were able to improve our conversion rates by 22 per cent”.

You can find details about the ClickMeter’s experiment in the support section of their website.

How to test it yourself

clickmeter dashboard

To test the plugin, you only need a free ClickMeter account. However with a Small free plan you cannot track conversions and you have a limit on the number of posts that you can monitor. To track conversions, you need to subscribe to a paid premium account. Premium plans start at $ 19,00 per month for 500 posts and 5000 events. For Pi Campus’ friends, ClickMeter’s team provides a special discount: use the code PICAMPUS3X to get a 3x on the events’ number. All of ClickMeter’s premium plans also come with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

ClickMeter vs Google Analytics

You can use Google analytics for much of the things you can do with ClickMeter but for those who create content marketing ClickMeter’s plugin is more appropriate because:

  • Reports are easier to read and immediate; since the tool is specific to this activity;
  • ClickMeter lets you create short-link(s) which allows you to measure how many people clicked on a link included in your article and lead visitors to an external website. You can understand how much traffic you are directing to other websites;
  • Allows you to track not only automatic conversions that occur on your site but also on other websites. You can now track sales generated by your post on another site. A very useful tool for both those who create content and those who manage program affiliations.