March 13th - 6:30 PM to π day - Rome, Italy

Pi Day 2020

Every year we celebrate the beautiful irrationality of π with a hackathon during a party.
For our startups it’s an opportunity to meet talented developers while having some fun.

Inside the HackParty

something new

Learn how to build products people will love and develop a results-focused approach.

like-minded coders

Join a one evening hackathon, take on smart coders like you, and meet growing startups.

some fun

Digging into π will bring you to the innermost workings of our universe. So, let's celebrate it!

How it works

No question is welcome during the competition: do what you want, unless is unfair.
That said, we have some rules.

team up and build something amazing

Coders will team up to build a product in 4 steps: plan, MVP, build and make it magic. After each step teams will pitch their progress. Jurors will test the products to pick up the winners.

use your own tools

You must bring your own laptops. You can use the programming languages you prefer. Code must be hosted on Github.

The prize

The winning team members will get
the new Air Pods Pro.

Startups at Pi Looking for Devs

They love talented people, better if Front End, Back End,
Full Stack, Dev Ops, App Developer or Web Designer

The first luggage storage network.

Translated is a leading professional translation service provider that uses AI to make translators’ lives easier and customers happier by cutting out unnecessary intermediation.

Wanderio takes travel booking to the next level, a one stop website to make all reservations from doorstep to final destination.

Tailor-made nutritional and disease prevention plans using groundbreaking genomics technologies.

Filo is a smart key finder that helps you find and locate your valuables. You can attach Filo to anything and retrieve it with an app.

Next Generation Machine Translation.

MateCat is an AI powered computer assisted translation platform that enables professionals to translate better and faster.

Yocabè helps fashion brands sell their entire catalog on all the top existing marketplaces in one click.


They will help you build an amazing product

Marco Trombetti

Marco Trombetti


Computer scientist, entrepreneur and investor.

In 1999, together with his wife, Isabelle Andrieu, he co-founded Translated, a translation service that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to help professional translators, now one of the most successful online translation companies. In 2007, he co-founded with Gianluca Granero Memopal, a cloud storage company.

With the profits from these ventures, Isabelle, Gianluca and Marco co-founded Pi Campus, a fund to help young entrepreneurs around the world start up great companies.

Author of The New Price: Why and How to Startup.

Massimo Sarti


Business agility coach and trainer, focused on helping individuals, teams and businesses to adopt new ways of working on realising business value.

He has a strong technical background having worked for over 30 years in IT as Developer, System Integrator and IT Operations Manager.

Massimo is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and a practitioner of Training from the BACK of the Room!.

He is the organiser of Agile Talks, one of the largest active agile community in Italy.

Msasimo Sarti

Mentors and Jurors

Marco Trombetti

Pi Campus Co-Founder and CEO

Massimo Sarti

Agile Trainer, PST and AKT

Giulio De Donato

Bagbnb Co-Founder and CTO

Paolo di Domenico

Allelica Co-Founder and CTO

Giorgio Sadolfo

Filo Co-Founder and CEO

Luca Rossi

Wanderio Co-Founder and CTO

Davide Caroselli

ModernMT VP of Product

Simone Perone

Translated VP of Product

Sébastien Bratières

Pi School AI Director

Simone Scardapane

Professor at La Sapienza University

Waiting for Pi Day

March 13th, 6:30 PM to Pi, Rome – Italy


We like to introduce you to the Pi Campus ecosystem before the beginning of the event.


Our keynotes are designed to provide coders with useful knowledge that can be put to work immediately.

8:00 PM Pi-zza & Beer

There’s no party on Pi Day without some Pi-zza, so we provide our guest with dozens of pizza to fuel their brains.

8:15 PM hackathon

We will ask the attendees to start with a simple idea and develop a real product people will love and maybe use.

11:45 PM awarding

We will declare the winners based on product realized and code written. They will be rewarded with the new Air Pods Pro. 

0:00 Hap-pi day!

After that much coding developers will find restoration in some pie cakes to celebrate the Pi Day beginning.

Join the HackParty

Are you ready to test your skills and make new connections?