Pi Design Competition

Take on the best UX experts from our network!
12 December 2018 – H. 7 PM – Via Indonesia 23, Rome

Two times per year, we invite top coders and designers from our network to a knockout competition that takes place during a special party. This is an opportunity for our startups to meet the smartest developers and designers.


Top Designers


Knockdown Challenges



Tell with Icons

Leverage Typography

Fix with Components

Key Visual Strategy

Can You Design Against Time?

Let’s Have a Party in the Meanwhile

Event Agenda

H. 7.00 PM Welcome Aperitif

H. 7.30 PM Why Developers Need to Sign an Alliance with Designers – Marco Trombetti, Pi Campus co-founder and CEO

H. 7.40 PM The Crossroads Between Technology and Design – Enrica Masi, Artist and former Frog and Ideo Interaction designer

H. 7.55 PM Leading with Design – Jamshid Alamuti, Pi School co-founder and CEO

H. 8.05 PM UX Party Competition

H. 8.20 PM Pi Networking Standing Dinner

H. 10.20 PM Awarding

Meet the Jury

Enrica Masi

Enrica Masi

Designer and Visual Artist, former Frog & IDEO Interaction Designer

Gaia Zuccaro

Gaia Zuccaro

Ui Designer, Judge @cssdesignawards, TAG Ui Master Coordinator

Carlo Frinolli

Carlo Frinolli

Nois3 founder, World Usability Day Rome and Sketch and Design Rome Meetup organizer

Patrizia Boglione

Patrizia Boglione

Angelini Design strategic creative director

Jamshid Alamuti

Jamshid Alamuti

Pi School co-founder and CEO

Lapo Ceccherelli

Lapo Ceccherelli

Filo co-founder and IED professor

Marco Trombetti

Marco Trombetti

Pi Campus and Translated co-founder and CEO

Simone Perone

Simone Perone

Director of Product Management @ Translated


Winner – iMac 27″ 5K

Special Prize – Design Leadership Workshop @ Pi School

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