Pi Networking with Singularity University Ambassador David Orban

Singularity University Advisor and Ambassador, Founder of Dotsub and Network Society Ventures

On May 20th Pi Campus will welcome David Orban, futurist and tech entrepreneur, CEO dotsub, teacher, and advisor at Singularity University. We will host an event that will be an opportunity to discuss innovation and the future.

Hungarian by birth, David studied physics in Italy and then became an entrepreneur in the world of technology, with extensive experience in startups. He is an expert in scalability and growth management strategies through collaborative communities, social networks, and marketplaces.

His motto is: “What is the question I should ask?”

David will discuss Singularity University, social, cultural, political, and economic issues related to an increasingly connected society, and will speak in general about the significant new challenges we will face in the upcoming years.

Afterwards, our first citizen Marco Trombetti will open a debate with David to discuss topics including:

  • The concept of singularity;
  • The impact of self-driving cars on our world and the opportunities that it will generate;
  • New biotechnologies;
  • The self-regulation of artificial intelligence;
  • Economic and technological needs of the Internet of Things;
  • Decentralization and distribution in the state-nation.