Unveiling Pi School, where machine intelligence meets human creativity

We are excited to announce the opening of the sixth villa at Pi Campus. Pi 6 is a luxury villa once belonged to one of the most powerful key players of the so-called “Prima Repubblica” (the old Italy), which has now been converted into offices for young entrepreneurs and creatives. It is even the home of Pi School, which aims to promote the two elements that we strongly believe will shape the future: machine intelligence and human creativity.

Pi School was founded at the beginning of 2017 in cooperation with Jamshid Alamuti, former managing director of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership , who has more than 20 years of experience in setting up and leading a number of international corporate and business schools.

The needs for a new school

Speaking at the opening of Pi 6 on Friday 15th September, in front of more than 300 people from the international start-up ecosystem and creative field, Marco Trombetti, founder and first citizen of Pi Campus, said: “Technology is becoming a commodity: the new products of the future will be constructed by emotions. Nowadays, you no longer buy products on the strength of their specifications, you buy them based on their beauty and the experience they provide. The goal of Pi School is to combine machine intelligence and human creativity for all those who want to reshape society and open the door to new possibilities”.

Pi School will focus on a wide range of topics including artificial intelligence, leadership, transformation and all the intersections between technology and creativity. Talking about why we are founding a new school, Jamshid Alamuti said: ”If technology replaces what we do today, perhaps it will create the space to look at other challenges? Isn’t that what the nature of human intelligence is driven by? The pioneers among us are already re-inventing the usage of creativity beyond traditional streams. The educational system needs redesigning to respond to this technical evolution in creativity”.

The AI Program

Pi School’s first course will start on 15th October and will focus on artificial intelligence, targeting best engineers from all around the world to help them become AI experts through a hands-on mentoring program, working on real industry projects.

The director of the AI program is Sébastien Bratières, who has over 15 years of experience in the AI industry, covering topics ranging from speech interfaces and chatbots to data science. He has taught both professionals and students at institutions including École Centrale Paris and LUISS Business School in Rome. He carried out his Ph.D. in probabilistic machine learning at the University of Cambridge, home to one of the world’s leading research labs.

Here is how the AI program will work: “On the one hand, we will define AI projects with our clients, companies ranging from startups to large corporate companies and world-leading tech companies, such as Google, Amazon and Facebook – said Bratières – On the other hand, we will run a selection process to spot top developers. Participants will receive et a few lectures at the beginning of the programme, but most of their skills will be acquired by working on their projects, and receiving personalised coaching and guidance from our mentor team, composed of machine learning experts, e.g. from Stanford or Google Brain. Desks and environment will be organised to support small project teams, agile co-development, and interactions with the mentors. We believe this combination of hands-on work, coaching by experts, and industry involvement is the best possible recipe for studying AI.

AI Programme Advisors are Alex Waibel (Carnegie Mellon University, founding director of the Language Technology Group at Facebook), Hassan Sawaf (AI Director at Amazon), and Marcello Federico (Head of Human Language Translation Unit at FBK). , They all attended the opening of Pi 6 today, together with other international guests such as Axel Quack, (Head of Service Design at Allianz Group), Julia von Winterfeldt (founder of Soulworx and former MD of Accenture), and, Ami Hasan (founder of Hasan & Partners and president of the Art Directors Club of Europe).

At the following link you can review the video of the talks and see the photos of the opening event.