Want An App? If You Can Imagine It You Can Have It

Frontiers of everyday life and technology are vanishing more and more. Think of exchanging presents on Christmas. Remember those days where a sock filled with candies and cozy jumpers will be waiting for you on the fireplace? Forget about it! Kids expect their Christmas mornings filled with Kindles and iPhones. The world is evolving and so our Christmas presents. Now that everything is available to anyone we tend to look for something unique and personalized.

The new must is to create personalized apps and games starring you, your friends and your family. Pretty good, isn’t it? Wouldn’t your buddies love to play a Flappy Bird version with your face flapping through sharp pipes? What about a cooking game starring your super-mommy-chef? Or even better, how does it sound to declare your love to your partner through a Word Search game? Possibilities are endless, let your imagination run wild!

Get a Template and Use Your Imagination

Now you will be wondering, “how can I make it happen?” The most promising startup at Pi Campus, Chupamobile, will make your app-idea come to life in no time. By looking at their almost-infinite catalog of app and game templates you’ll have a better idea of what we are talking about: they have more than 1,500 iOS and Android products listed. Chupamobile, founded in 2012 by Stefano Argiolas and Paolo De Santis, which received the initial seed funds by Xandas New Media Ventures, has just completed a $ 1.3M equity crowdfunding round.

Welcome, Appreneurs

Besides letting you give away the most awesome present ever, Chupamobile is the one-stop destination for appreneurs, app business entrepreneurs looking forward to growing their app portfolio. Not only. Anyone with a big or small business can build an app for his shop, pub or whatever its business might be.

Furthermore, the marketplace is a gold mine for app developers looking forward to monetizing their already built apps by licensing their source code as a template for creating totally original projects, with developers that chased up more than $10K in less than 24h.

Get inspired

We’re sure you already came up with an amazing idea for your next app present, haven’t you? If you lack fantasy, let us give you some suggestions taken from real requests coming from Chupamobile’s customers.

One of them asked for a hilarious 2048 game, whose tiles were the ugliest pictures of his best friends’ faces; “two ugly Maries make a super ugly John“, if you played 2048 you got the idea! Another lady built an extremely cute recipe book for her grandmother, and later become a success in the whole family and a great way to exchange recipes. Now, the Chupamobile team tells us that they’ve received many requests to completely customize the last Flappy Bird creator’s hit, Swing Copters, in the most bizarre ways. Indeed, a trend you shouldn’t miss!

The steps are simple: Define your idea, choose the iOS or Android (or both!) app template that best fits it and let Chupamobile customize it as you require. Once ready, they will publish your app on the app stores to get it ready for download. In only a few days your present will be online! It’s worth trying, isn’t it?