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Planning a trip is a difficult task since you need to consider simultaneously several things: the means of transportation you want to use, their schedules and, of course, prices. Comparing all the possible itineraries in order to find the best solution takes a lot of time. According to a study by Google, before taking a decision on a trip, you visit on average more than 22 websites and make more than 12 search sessions.

Hacking the trip

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Wanderio was born after Matteo, Luca and Disheng experienced many problems while organizing their trips. Disheng, for instance, repeatedly visiting his girlfriend in Amsterdam discovered that going there through Rotterdam was much cheaper. Matteo, after having planned a pleasant weekend in Paris, found himself spending most of the time on a bus going to the Beauvais airport, the only one covered by the low-fare airline of his choice. Since this is a common experience, they decided to fix it. Wanderio is a platform that allows to plan and book each leg of your trip, from the doorstep to your final destination, comparing all the possible means of transportation. We supported these crazy guys in developing Wanderio at Pi Campus, where we are focused on aggregating talents.

It will never happen again

Who hasn’t ever happened to organize a trip, maybe buying a low-fare flight, and then to find him or herself to be miles and miles away from the destination, forced to spend time and money to reach the coveted goal? And how many websites do you usually compare before booking your holidays? Too many, aren’t they? Luckily, all this is gone.

One click to book them all

One year after the foundation, Wanderio currently allows to compare more than 1,000 airlines, 3,000 railways and public transport companies and more than 30,000 transfers worldwide. Wanderio lets you save time in the search by comparing simultaneously all the available alternatives including flights, trains and connection services to airports and train stations. It also helps you save money, finding the most cost effective solution. With Wanderio you can book your whole trip with just one click.

Real stories

The new platform was launched last October. Now the first users are about to leave for their holidays booked with Wanderio. Among them there are people heading to their summer vacations, as well as business men that saved a lot of time booking both flights and transfers on just one website.

Time and money saving are at the core of the experience offered by Wanderio. The goal is to make travel organization a simple task and let users fully enjoy the best sides of their trips.

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