Le Cicogne Joins Pi Campus

We are happy to welcome Le Cicogne to Pi Campus. The startup, whose aim is to help parents find a trusted babysitter in a quick and simple way while supporting babysitters in the search for work, has recently raised a €355k funding round via SiamoSoci.com.

Le Cicogne enters Pi Campus after a period of Pi Internship, during which we mentored and supported the team assembled by Monica Archibugi and Giulia Gazzelloni.

Club Acceleratori fivefold our investment and led the funding round, also participated by LVenture Group, who first invested in Le Cicogne, Club Italia Investimenti 2, Bertoldi Holding, as well as some business angels.

Monica Archibugi, Le Cicogne CEO, says: “During our internship, we had weekly reviews with managers from other companies. Translated uses a model to find the right translator that is quite similar to the one we now apply to find the right babysitter, and this helped us a lot: we shortened and optimized our processes by following their positive example.”

Giulia Gazzelloni, Le Cicogne COO, adds: “Today our service covers 83 cities all around Italy, while a few months we only covered 4. Thanks to the support of Pi Campus we have been able to sustain a 20% growth month by month and reach a 4x increase in revenues”.

Le Cicogne now will face a new challenge, as Monica says: “In the next months, we will consolidate the Italian market to start looking abroad after that.”