Pi Campus Co-Founder Isabelle Andrieu is the New CEO of Pi School

A new chapter in education is about to start!

Two and a half years ago Pi Campus teamed up with Jamshid Alamuti to bring technology and creativity together and design the future of education. It’s been a run full of excitement and achievements, with projects like the School of AI and the Creative Incubator bringing together mind-blowing people and ambitious companies to understand and leverage the new dynamics of the world. Now new challenges arise and to face them we decided to double down. Jamshid is taking a new function as an advisory board member of Pi School while handing his CEO role to Pi Campus co-founder Isabelle Andrieu.

Isabelle has been busy in the last 20 years serving as COO and Chairman the company she co-founded, Translated, one of the largest Internet-based translation services with over 100,000 customers, including companies and institutions such as Google, IBM, and the European Commission. She took care of the team training and helped new members to understand and leverage the company’s unique culture, making sure that every new member embraces the think-big atmosphere working hard, taking risks without fear of failure while having fun. Since Pi Campus was born, she was focused on providing the best work environment for talented people, and became the main point of reference for startups who need to hire new talents.

From today, Isabelle will be serving Pi School to further push our attempt to bring together creative and tech people with the aim of forming the founders of the next generation of startups. A generation of developers and designers who will be in charge of building a new kind of companies whose mission will be to create not only wealth but also happiness.