Pi Networking with Bing Founder Lorenzo Thione & Tesla Motors

At Pi Campus, we are always interested in the link between technology and the arts. That’s why we are excited to host Lorenzo Thione on Thursday, July 16th: startup entrepreneur, theater producer, and community leader with a passion for combining technology and the arts.

Lorenzo is the founder of Powerset, a semantic search engine acquired by Microsoft for over $100 million, which became Bing. He is also the co-creator and producer of Allegiance, a new Broadway musical with George Takei and Lea Salonga. During his visit to Pi Campus, Lorenzo will tell us how he dealt with the difficulties in the fundraising process and how he handled Powerset’s handover to Microsoft.

Next, we will listen to some tracks from Allegiance and Celeste, the musical born as a tech startup at Pi Campus, and then there will be time for networking.

Tesla Motors will also be our guest at the event. You will have the opportunity to test-drive the new Tesla Model S Dual Motor.