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Shaping the Future of Genetics at Allelica: Interview with CTO Paolo Di Domenico

One of the jurors of our Pi Day HackParty is Paolo Di Domenico, co-founder and CTO of Allelica, a fast-growing startup that allows complex diseases risk predictions through the computation of a polygenic risk score based on thousands or millions of genetic variants. “Any single task in our company involves the use of cutting edge technology in the amazing field of Genetic science – says Paolo – We provide, as a service, a software able to predict the risk of developing complex diseases, such as

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MIOAssicuratore raises €1.5M in Funding

Pi Campus invested in MIOAssicuratore in a €1,5 million round led by Innogest Capital. MIOAssicuratore is an insurtech startup founded by Giorgio Campagnano (CEO) and Carlo Martini (CTO). This is a follow-on investment, since we alreay invested in MIOAssicuratore in 2016.

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Pi Campus is a venture fund that invests in talent. We provide startups with money, mentorship, and the best possible work environment for their growth.

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Building Products People Love

Learn a proven product-market fit method that aims to deliver the required balance of creativity and discipline, a fast and pre-approved way to go back and fix errors, and incorporates two common elements of successful products: vision and psychology.

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Behind The Scene of the Greatest Startups Stories (with Ariel Poler)

Fireside chat with Ariel Poler, serial entrepreneur, mentor and investor. He founded Human Augmentation Syndicate to enhancing human capabilities in the next decade through exoskeletons, additional & enhanced senses, next-generation wearables, brain-computer interfaces, and genomics.He’s been involved with dozens of start-ups that have grown from just the founders to dozens, hundreds, and in some cases thousands of employees. As an investor, he has been involved with financings of dozens of technology start-ups, including angel rounds, venture rounds, strategic investments and late stage investments with companies.

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